A New Extension Club

We know there are a number of various extension clubs and single extension developers creating great plugins for WordPress, or extensions for Joomla, or widgets and modules for Drupal. But for most developers they live in a blended world. They need extensions for more than just a single CMS or web platform. Extension Depot has been created to meet that need.

We are a passionate group of developers looking to release a variety of extensions across a range of platforms. We’re not looking to limit ourselves and the extensions we offer to just CMS either. Over time we hope to release extensions, plugins, modules, snippets, and much more for many different systems or platforms.

If you are unsure about whether you will be able to make use of the extensions currently available (and the ones coming soon) then you can simply purchase the individual ones you want or need. No pressure and no obligation to sign up for a club you’re not completely comfortable with.

Get started today becoming a part of this incredible club, and if you have ideas for additional extensions or platforms we should support, please let us know, we’d love to add it to our site!