The Importance of a CRM

Importance of a CRM

Many people know what a CRM is (Customer Relations Management Software). And most everyone is familiar with Salesforce as the biggest CRM tool available. But just because there is a large corporation pushing the importance of CRM doesn’t necessarily provide enough of a reason to create an account and start paying them money. Perhaps you […]

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The Choice to Consolidate

There comes a time when every business has to recognize both its strengths and its weaknesses. Over the years we’ve focused on several different products and have had both large and small extensions. And we have to decide how is best to proceed with marketing and advertising each one and in this situation our choice […]

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A New Extension Club

We know there are a number of various extension clubs and single extension developers creating great plugins for WordPress, or extensions for Joomla, or widgets and modules for Drupal. But for most developers they live in a blended world. They need extensions for more than just a single CMS or web platform. Extension Depot has […]

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