CRMery 2.0.11 (dev)

IMPORTANT Notice!!! Due to recent changes that were made as part of the Joomla 3.6 release, old versions of CRMery such as CRMery 2.0.11 (June 26, 2016) and prior are not compatible with Joomla 3.6. Instead, if you attempt to use these old version of CRMery with Joomla 3.6 and if you login to the CRMery front-end you will encounter a blank white page as well as a fatal error “Cannot redeclare CrmeryBuildRoute” for the file router.php (assuming error reporting is enabled on your site). As such, you will either need to download and install CRMery 2.0.11 (July 19, 2016 or newer version) or alternatively if you no longer have an active Extension Depot subscription then you may download the following Google drive file then login to your website via FTP and manually replace the /components/com_crmery router.php file with the newly updated router.php file. Note: Based on testing, no other compatibility issues have been found nor reported. As such, in good faith the July 19, 2016 version of CRMery 2.0.11 was released and as a result the system requirements have also been updated. However, please note if you encounter any compatibility issues related to Joomla 3.6 and if the issue is not already listed within our CRMery Issues & Bug List and if you have already read and followed the CRMery Troubleshooting FAQ, then please report the issue by emailing

Also, please note if you are using an older version of CRMery and if you have cURL enabled on your site and if you are no longer able to view / see the latest CRMery news within the Joomla Administration … Components … CRMery … latest news section, then the solution is to edit line 107 of /administrator/components/com_crmery/model/config.php and update the CRMery RSS http link to or alternatively download and install the latest CRMery 2.0.11 version. This link was patched within May 2016 as part of the CRM-412 update.

Note: The changelog below was last updated on August 29, 2016 with the release of the latest available CRMery development version

Fixed Bugs (11)

  Fixed (CRM-292) – CRMery Mobile view … Deal … Deal page … incorrect Contact Info link

  Fixed (CRM-300) – Calendar … Task or Event … Repeat … End Date edit from displaying on the Dashboard recent activity as “COM_CRMERY_REPEAT_END” instead of the correct language value, which is “End Date”

  Fixed (CRM-370) – If a Company name has an apostrophe symbol in it (Ex: ABC’s Inc ) and if an associated people record is edited, then it will cause a duplicate company to be created.

  Fixed (CRM-372) – CRMery form wizard … when a new form is being created or saved, no form_id value is being saved. Therefore, when the form submits (and if lead notify plugin is enabled) there will be no email notification. Note: With this fix after creating / saving a new form, you may copy the form code which includes the form_id value. In addition, for forms that were previously bugged and which were missing the form_id value simply edit the form, then save and the form_id value will appear. You may then copy the new form code to your Joomla article and save to use the updated form code.

  Fixed (CRM-373) – Reports … Dashboard … “Showing Sales Dashboard for” … if the name of a team is clicked no graph data will display and it causes a 500 internal server error in the web browser console


  Fixed (CRM-403) – Report … Custom Report … Print only prints the first 10 records. With this fix, custom report will print up to the first 1000 records.

  Fixed (CRM-408) – Goals (tab) … Win Cash … Team Goal does not total / sum correctly.

  Fixed (CRM-412) – incorrect CRMery RSS changelog / news feed link … a issue that occurred due to changes made to the CRMery website

  Fixed (CRM-417) – Blank white page and Fatal error: Cannot redeclare CrmeryBuildRoute() that appeared within the CRMery front-end on all CRMery page due to recent changes made by with the Joomla 3.6 release.

  Fixed (CRM-419) – Document upload “expression parsing” bug. Note: the way that CRMery was designed is that when a document is uploaded to CRMery the filename of the document (that is saved on the web server) is automatically md5 hashed as a series of alphanumeric characters only and all special characters and spacing from the document name are removed from the filename of the document that is saved on the server. Additionally, this same md5 hashed value is saved within the _crmery_documents database table … Filename (column). This ensures that all files that are uploaded within CRMery have a unique filename and that no special characters nor spacing exist within the filename which otherwise could potentially cause CRMery document download URL issues (if the download url contains / uses non alphanumeric characters). Additionally, the way that CRMery previously worked before this update is that the original filename would still exist and be saved within the _crmery_documents database table … Name (column). However, the code that was responsible for expression parsing / renaming the document name that is saved within _crmery_documents … Name (column) was bugged and never worked and it allowed spacing and special characters to be saved. Although the download URL / _crmery_documents … Filename (column) value is all that truly matters in terms of the download link … this expression parsing issue was causing some issues when a document name included spacing in web browsers such as Firefox and when attempting to download said document as Firefox would automatically remove any spacing from the document name and any text and extension type that came after said spacing thus causing issues when a user attempted to download a document in some web browsers. As such, it was necessary to make the following changes: 1) When a document is uploaded to CRMery the value that is saved within the _crmery_documents (database table) … Name (column) will automatically have all spacing and special character removed with the exception of & # _ . and any parts of the document name which use spacing or special characters (that are not allowed) will automatically be replaced with a dash symbol in the document name. 2) an additional line of code was added such that documents that were uploaded to CRMery prior to this CRM-419 fix will automatically be renamed when you attempt to download them if said documents have a _crmery_document … Name (column) value which contains spacing or special characters that are not allowed. Note: Credit for finding this bug as well as for providing this fix goes to a subscriber with the initials of S.L. Thank you for your help in identifying and fixing this issue.

New (4)

  (CRM-406) Companies (tab) … Select Column … Added ability to view Street Address, City, State, and Postal Code separately within their own columns as well as added the ability to sort said columns

  (CRM-407) People (tab) … added ability to sort by City, State, and Postal Code columns

  (CRM-414) Added the ability within the datepicker to select start dates going back to 1900. Previously before this update, it was hard coded such that it would only allow a starting year going back no further than 2001.

  (CRM-418) Added a document delete confirmation as a safeguard against accidentally deleting / removing a document from CRMery. Special thanks to the subscriber S.L. for not only advocating for this new feature but for also providing the code to add it into CRMery.

Known issues:

Note: With the 2.0.11 development release, (CRM-385) custom report pagination was implemented to help prevent timeouts when dealing with 1000 or more records with multiple columns of data. However, there are known issues with custom reports filtering and searching not working correctly since pagination was implemented. That said, there is a rollback version which is available to download and install which removes the implementation of (CRM-385) custom report pagination. The rollback update contains all the other fixes for the latest 2.0.11 development release but simply removes the bugged custom report implementation and as a results restores custom report filtering and search. However, please note that the rollback version does not prevent custom report timeouts.