Boots: Ghost Theme

The Boots Ghost theme gives you all the benefits & features of Bootstrap.

Boots Ghost Theme


1.0 Changelog


06 Oct 2013

Ghost 2.5

Last Updated
08 Dec 2013


This Ghost theme will supplement your blog with all the benefits and features of the Bootstrap framework.

Boots gives you the ability to use cool features of Bootstrap, such as layouts, css, javascript, and more. In addition to the Bootstrap functionality Boots also includes FontAwesome as an icon library to enhance your posts with some of the best scalable iconsets available.


Dynamic Menu

Create an internal top level menu easily and effectively without editing any HTML files. Link to specific pages with ease! No more headaches of editing files.

Homepage Slideshow

Make a slideshow post with your images, tag it correctly and immediately have a beautiful slideshow on your homepage. Also, be able to include captions on each of your images. It’s never been this easy to add a slideshow to your Ghost blog with zero HTML or coding involved.


Take advantage of one of the largest and most prolific set of SVG icons available. These icons scale to any size and can be used anywhere throughout your content. Just include the necessary class on an element and your icon will be added. Interested in learning more about FontAwesome? Visit their FontAwesome website.


You can demo this Ghost theme here: