Joomla CRM CRMery Automatic Updates

Introducing Joomla CRM Automatic Updates

Extension Depot is proud to work with a variety of content management systems and solutions. We enjoy the diversity and working within the different frameworks provided by each tool.

One of the greatest benefits is the opportunity we have to view the differences between the various CMS’s and identify areas we think make them successful. One of the latest features to be announced from WordPress was the automation of updates to their users’ CMS. Pretty cool concept. But can it really work? We tested it.

It Works

The concept of auto-updating is a tricky one and we were interested to see how successful this process would be and what troubles they might experience in the execution of their idea. After observing the process firsthand and even setting a few of our own sites to auto-update we found the process to be seamless, smooth, and silent. We loved it.

We Stole It!

But we didn’t want to stop by just appreciating the solution they created. We wanted to pass it along to our users. And so it is with excitement we announce that our CRM – CRMery now includes the option to auto-update. This is a huge step forward not only for our extension but also for the Joomla! CMS as our extension is a native extension and takes advantage of the Joomla installation process to perform it’s updates.

Keep Your Changes

There’s a few things to keep in mind with CRMery and allowing automatic updates. First, you will want to make sure you are not hacking your extension. By hacking we mean – don’t modify your core files. These files will obviously be overwritten when a new version is pushed out and since we’ll be doing that silently and behind the scenes you’ll lose any modifications you make. Of course we trust all our users will be making their modifications the right way (ahem) and using plugins, template overrides, and layouts; but just in case you’re not we want to mention this.

Optional API Keys

Secondly, auto-updates will require an API key so we can correctly link to your active support and updates. This is not a requirement for using the CRM as the product is GPL and therefore does not require any type of license. We provide additional support and access to updates for a 12 month period after purchase and this is what the API key will help to keep track of. We want to be very clear – we’re not restricting usage of the product based on an API key. Nor are we in any way tracking usage or other personal information. Period.

You’re In Control

Lastly, automatic updates are optional. You have to opt-in for this feature to be active on your site. Don’t think because you have installed the CRM that we will be pushing updates to your extension without your knowledge. You will need to enter your API key and turn on auto-updates. This is a very simple and clear process but one in which you are in complete control.

We Hope You Like It

Bottom line, we’ve got a cool new feature included in a very soon to be released version of CRMery, our Joomla CRM and we hope you like it. It’s cutting edge. It’s included for free. It’s silently keeping you updated. It’s optional. If you want your extension auto-updated and always staying with the latest new features and bug fixes be sure to enable auto-updating within your CRM on your next (and possibly last) manual upgrade.