JForce 3.0.2 Beta

IMPORTANT WARNING!!!: Please Do not update Joomla beyond Joomla 3.4.8 (as it is the last supported and compatible version of Joomla for JForce 3.0.2). If you ignore this warning or if you have already upgraded to Joomla 3.5.X or above you will encounter “page cannot be found” and “invalid address” errors whenever attempting to edit or save a new project, discussion, document, invoice, milestone, and task item, etc. As such, if your website has already been updated to Joomla 3.5.X or above and if you wish to continue using JForce 3.0.2 then your only solution is to roll back to Joomla 3.4.8 (or alternatively roll back to a different supported version of Joomla such as Joomla 3.2.X – Joomla 3.4.8). Finally, please note that all of our system requirements for JForce are available to read within the JForce system requirements section of our website.

Note: This is the latest development version of JForce that is available. The changes for this release include re-designing JForce to make it bootstrap compatible. In addition, this release contains an additional 47 bug fixes and 5 improvements (not listed below) compared to the previous JForce 3.0.1 release. Please note, a changelog for the updates that were made to the code between the release of JForce 3.0.1 and the initial release of the JForce 3.0.2 Beta (within March 2015) are not available.

Note: This changelog will be updated either when a new development version is available OR when JForce 3.0.2 is officially released. This changelog was last updated on May 21, 2016 to reflect changes that were made to the code between May 2015 and May 21, 2016.

Fixed Bugs (5)

  Fixed (JFO-131) – If Joomla 3.4.X is installed, you will not be able to update JForce 3.0.1 to JForce 3.0.2 development version, nor re-install JForce 3.0.1 nor 3.0.2

  Fixed (JFO-141) – Manage Assignees modal only displaying the first 10 JForce users. With this fix, it will now display up to 1000 JForce users. The JForce users that are loaded will depend on your JForce PM … access role settings. For example, some users are company only, or project only, this will affect whether or not that user is shown in your list of available people to choose from.

  Fixed (JFO-154) – Time Report … New Report … Assigned To … Selected Users … Manage Users link does not open manage assignee modal. Instead it would open a blank page with a list of names and checkboxes and no way to save said assignees.

  Fixed (JFO-85) – Time Report … Selected Date Range … not displaying all time data that occurs between the From and the To date. Instead, before the fix it would only display the time data for the FROM date only.

  Fixed (JFO-129) – Project … Download Project iCal … Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class vevent