Importance of a CRM

The Importance of a CRM

Many people know what a CRM is (Customer Relations Management Software). And most everyone is familiar with Salesforce as the biggest CRM tool available. But just because there is a large corporation pushing the importance of CRM doesn’t necessarily provide enough of a reason to create an account and start paying them money. Perhaps you need some understanding about the actual importance of a CRM and why you should use one. And secondly once you understand the importance it becomes a question of which system to use and why you should use it.

Let’s answer the first question about the importance of having a CRM first. Why should you use a CRM? If you’ve not already read our great article about the “10 reasons you need a CRM” then that is a great place to get a good understanding about why you need a CRM. So we’ll start with a closer look at how important a CRM actually is to your business. A good CRM is important for a number of reasons. Here’s the top three.

1. A good CRM will keep you organized

Being organized is nearly impossible in business. It seems with each day there is another distraction or another piece of paper that slips onto your desk or an email into your inbox which is not categorized, labeled, or filed. It’s the nature of business. If you have a good CRM system then your contacts, your connection points and your potential new customers are all easily organized, readily filed, and prepared to be contacted. You’ll be more equipped to reach out and contact hot leads if you have them organized within a CRM.

2. A good CRM will save time

If you have a CRM in place to help keep you organized then the natural next step is finding you have more time available. You’re not wasting precious time anymore searching for the email address or the contact information of someone you need to reach out to if you have a good CRM system. You’ll not spend countless hours cold-calling leads if you have a tool which helps you track a lead’s progress and their potential. As a small business we can all use more time in our day. A good CRM will help save you those valuable minutes.

3. A good CRM will save you money

Not only does a good CRM save you time but as the old saying goes. Time is money. A good CRM will also save you money. This one is a big differentiator. If you remember we mentioned Salesforce in the beginning of this post. Salesforce is certainly a large corporation with a very strong focus on their ideal customer. Many small businesses, non profits, and other non-Fortune 500 companies cannot afford their service. (Not to mention you don’t own your data you rent it, you must trust their security, and you’re left relying completely on another company…those points are for another blog post and another day.) These small businesses and organizations needed an alternative. They needed a CRM which would save them money.

CRMery is a full-functioning, robust CRM dedicated to small businesses and organizations which otherwise would never be able to afford a CRM. You own the software, the server, the data, everything. You don’t have to pay a monthly fee and you never have to worry about someone else controlling your information. Hopefully the above 3 points have helped to demonstrate the importance of a CRM and you recognize the ways a CRM can help you. If that’s the case we encourage you to check out CRMery more and see if it’s the right tool for you!